(A)DOR(AR), 2019

Movement is essential to life. What happens when we stop in the dialectic that makes up the essential forces? Paralysis in the movements face is today, in countries with access to new digital communication technologies, an abstract and seductive concept. The body developed to ambulate rewards the movement that the screen so much seduces. What happens when the network does not connect? What do we do with the body? We are in transit in the intersections in which we move. In this work, I question the analog and the digital. The place of movement in two distinct realities that put us face to face with an unknown self. What if today we had no network? http://destiniesofsense.com/angela-proj1.html

voltar a casa, 2019

“Going home” as a concept-agglutinating concept makes us experience places where we recognize ourselves. To get back, one has to get out and in this apparent dissonance, we find ourselves. We question the power of travel without leaving home, in a work replete with the singularities we forget to feel-full and empty every day that only our most primitive genes can recognize and qualify.http://destiniesofsense.com/angela-proj2.html

7x5=lugares (manta de piquenique)

Atelier Aberto IV, Coimbra

percorrido, 2019

"Cabot Gallery", EUA

aliança, 2019

Tribo Munduruku, Amazónia

veste-me para te alimentares, 2019

Exposição "Pensar é Guardar", Leiria

We are all made of stardust, 2019

Project "Simple Life", Barcelona

biface, 2019

Motel Coimbra, O Mundo em Trânsito, Coimbra

errare, 2019

curadoria de Exposição "Errare", Galeria de Arte Contemporânea - Quinta da Cruz, Viseu

alminhas, 2018

as mãos que tateiam a tua pele são as mesmas que amassam o pão. são o fermento da beleza do lugar do comum. o lugar das sementes que portam consigo as histórias daqueles que partiram e que carregam a memória dos que ficam, sempre. que as mãos que amassam o comum (aquelas que ocupam as casas) saciem os vazios das alminhas (aquelas que ocupam as ruas).

cartography, 2018

experiência sensorial, Hong Kong

10x3=|1+1|, 2018

performance e instalação, Japão


À Velocidade da Luz, Galeria de Arte Contemporânea, Viseu

ALGIBEIraS, 2012-

Trabalho inciado em contínuo - entreviagens-